Nadia Cascini

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Nadia Cascini was born in Arezzo in 1970. she lives and works in Italy. Daughter of goldsmith masters, she cultivates the family passion by attending the artistic high school of the city and graduating in the design of goldsmiths and jewelery. Already during her studies she approaches painting, perfecting her technique in various schools of Arezzo painting. From the mid-nineties he began to collaborate with French, Spanish, German and Dutch galleries, exhibiting subjects ranging from the Tuscan landscape, to the composition of musical instruments, from harbor landscapes to figures, with particular regard to the study of the city of Venice and the passage over the years it deepens and makes it synthetic and personal. Nadia works after observation and mainly on light, superimposing several layers of paint in succession. But she also mixes different shots of the same space, which gives her paintings a dynamic but at the same time suspended and immaterial aspect. The world she represents is a fusion of the real world, the imagined world and the dreamed world. Through oil painting, Nadia Cascini creates overlaps of tones and enamels, thus creating canvases full of atmosphere and mystery, and contributing, through each subtle and quick brushstroke, to give life to extremely personal works. Nadia Cascini is constantly looking for synthesis and harmony, in a succession of subjects that communicate with each other with an invisible thread: poetry. For some years her works have been found in important art galleries also in Asia and the United States, as well as in Europe.