Giò Frigo

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Giò Frigo was born on 11 September 1993 in Arzignano, Vicenza (IT). Following in his father’s footsteps, he has always lived immersed in Art and in contact with contemporary artists since he was a child. From them, he learnt to see Art as a means of expression in constant evolution. He began his studies at the Institute of Art of Venice and completed them at the School of Art and Crafts of Vicenza, joining the metalwork and jewelery branch. At the beginning of his artistic career, he acquired experience in processing precious metals and in the creation and design of jewelery items. But he felt that world too tight for him and so he focused on sculpture. Looking for more innovative shapes and ways of expression, he found sculpture congenial to him. He successfully showed his first opera at the Orler Gallery in Venice. His Art is characterized by the opposition of sharp blades with balls, cones and more soft and sinuous curves, in a constant plastic clash. His aim is to give form to the contrasts and contradictions of the contemporary society. "Symbiosis" is the artwork the artist has dedicated to his relationship with his father, who is a well-known sculptor. Often tormented and full of contrasts, their relationship has been very stimulating for Giò Frigo’s personal growth. The inner part of the sculpture is characterized by a sail on which stand out cutting blades, which reach a ball that brings together the "two souls" of the artwork.