Giada Ferrari

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Giada Ferrari's artworks crosses with a light and silent flight the boundaries of sculpture and imaging of photographic origin, rich butterfly letters with three-dimensional situations through an ordinary logical construction. Born in 1980, after classical artistic studies and an in-depth study in Graphic Design, she is struck by the installation works of Michael Murphy, two giant sections of different sizes make up on vaults expended by nylon threads. Murphy's are installations that force him to pass from moving ahead to floating particles, until the eye and mind do not re-construct the image desired by the artist. Affected therefore by the anamorphic works that allows you to see the portrayed subject from only a certain angle, her research arrives in works that take shapes in a vaulted sense of the illusion of space, making the subject three-dimensional. Portrayed through the orderly decomposition of the figures, as in a contemporary entomological box. Her work is based on the boundaries of photography and sculpture and the artist explores multi-layered reality through a three-dimensional expressive form, pursuing the temptation to walk deeper, tuff below the surface, to dig inside. After spending 20 years working as a graphic designer in the branding space, she began to create collages from magazines accumulated at home and old photographs from the last century, in which a festive and colorful overlay of colored circles relocating her images in our time until we found a corporate one. Merge between digital and image cutting. Hundreds of butterflies distinguish the artist's works which she defines as "multidimensional": They, symbol of rebirth in many cultures, are wisely ordered in the subjects created by image processing and often extrapolated from advertisements ranging from the seventies to the nineties, beautiful images captured by social media. Butterflies sometimes give way to different cuts, as in the "icon" series where, however, subjects coming from the world of Hollywood come from paper stars that make up the figure of the stars or from them of hearts that cover the image. Her works are present in important national and international collections.