Christian Carlini

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Christian Carlini was born in Rome in 1981, he had always shown a talent for art in general, a talent that in his adolescence will take him to dive into the art and in all its forms from music to theatre, from sculpture to painting. It was the later that attracted him most. He begins studying art hystory and the paintig techniques of the past, with a particular interest for the Flemish works. In the following years he spends time studying painting more than the pratical, as it lacks an essential step, discover the pictorial genre that blends with its own artistic nature. A genre found across the metaphysics knowing very well the work of De Chirico. In the combination of the realism and metaphysics it is still missing a part of his being, the materialization of the created soul, which will soon be found in the works of Salvador Dali. The mix of the realism, surrealism and metaphysics will bring the artist to put on canvas his own being, becoming in a short time talented painter.