Vito Fusco


He borns on June 20, 1980, lives in Positano.

He approaches the photography for “guilty” of his partner, who was interested in the visual and plastic arts. It was just a game, but very pleasant and congenial and he loved with the idea of being able to express, to express himself, to be able to leave a message. The key moment was the meeting with one of the Norwegian masters of photography: Morten Krogvold and his life partner Tarand. Were longtime customers of the restaurant where he worked.
Two weeks in which he took him by the hand and enchanted him with his lectures on color and shape, talking about Kandinsky, light and composition.
After a while, he left the job at the restaurant and he started a full training following seminars, workshops to dedicate his time to “writing with light.” After a few years he created Arkimedia Lab with Antonio Casola (Web Designer), an agency that deals with visual communication. In January ’09, he got a publication in National Geographic Italian, then El Pais up to win the competition organized by Nikon in 2010. He graduated from Advanced Color Correction Class Dan Margulis and then the Masters in Photography at the IED of Milan by Silvia Lelli.

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