Roberta Diazzi


Roberta Diazzi born in Modena, graduates specializing in graphic techniques. Since 2011, Swarovski crystals have entirely made up her creations; uses crystals of different colors and sizes; measuring from four down to a half millimetre in diameter, covering even the most minuscule spaces of the surfaces. Moreover, the elegance and difficulty with which they are positioned on the works is the result of a deep expertise, enriched and refined step by step. Light is mandatory for the fruition of these works, whether direct or tangent, it creates reflections and shades that influence sight, enriching the motion and dynamism of the shapes. They break down and reflect lights and colours, gifting vibrancy and vivacity to the subjects Every work is also accompanied by an authenticity certification for the Swarovski crystals.

The surface where the crystals are placed upon is also the result of a long search for the right material, to exalt their exquisiteness to the highest degree: it is black acrylic glass. Polished sheets that increase reflective and tonal proprieties to the point of creating a second version of the work with their reflection.

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