Camilla Ancilotto


Camilla Ancilotto was born in 1970 in Rome, city where she lives and works. Numerous and important are the solo and group exhibitions where she have been present: in Rome, Turin, Miami, Amsterdam and she has participated in the Venice Biennial, hosted by the Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion (2013) with the monumental artwork “Deposizione”.  Since 2012, her big artwork “Original Sin” is part of the permanent collection of sculptures from the Wolfson Campus (Miami Dade College).

The uniqueness of the artist Camilla Ancilotto is that each opera is made of a collection of triangular wooden prisms. She paints on the surface of each prism and, by turning them, is possible to compose the drawings as they have been conceived by the artist or realize a new one each time, by mixing the single elements. She always starts by painting a human figure while the other two artworks are inspired by the four natural elements represented by the animal world. The fourth painting comes out by mixing the three drawings. Even if the subject always changes, the paintings all have the same structure and shape.

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